Wow, I have a blog. Very excited indeed about this. I can’t wait to start ranting and discovering and creating and blahblahblah. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start (ping!).

  1. My name is Alicia- commonly mispronounced ALL THE DAMN TIME. It’s got a soft ‘C’, so Ah-liss-ee-yah. I blame Alicia Keys for this one constantly.
  2. My last name is Wroblewski- yes I know, what the heck, how do you say that, that must be tiring you poor thing, YES YES IT REALLY IS, THANK YOU. It’s Polish- which is where my family are from. I’m fairly certain that I have one of the most complicated names in the country. Probably.
  3. I am 22 years of age. Which is damn terrifying, it certainly don’t feel like it.
  4. I live in the wonderful (ish) city of Derby… Peak District means rolling hills, a pleasantly wide variety of farm animals grazing and cute tearooms dotted about here and there. However, I only live in the central suburbs so I don’t get to experience these lovely things all too much. One day… one day!
  5. I’m a big big people lover. And when I say that, I mean nice people, people that I like and get on with. The rest of you… ptttttsh. These include my family (big up famwell!), my drives-me-crazy-but-couldn’t-survive-without-him boyfriend Jamie, and a nice little number of quirky and delicious friends.
  6. I probably get on with animals more than people though. Just sayin’. I have a gorgeous old pooch called Bella, who is a choc lab cross (and inevitably will be featuring a LOT on here). I would love a whole collection of pets though. As this is not the case, I turn to Sims3 to play out my pet fantasies. Ha!
  7. I suffer from OCD and depression, and have done for a long long time. It’s not too fun. I’m currently finding different ways to control it though, and I’m hoping that through this blog that’ll help me and maybe others too. Who knows?!
  8. I love to bake, like, well loads. As I have recently finished university (at Sheffield Hallam, woop woop!) and I’m currently looking for a big bad full-time job (terrifying), this is usually what takes up most of my time. Hence why there will be a lot of recipes and creations also featured on here.
  9. I also enjoy taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Halloooo Instagram! Utterly obsessed, I swear.
  10. I’m absolutely hopeless at blogging. So in theory, this should be fun.

Well I could go on forever. But I’m sure that would only bore and annoy you. Time now to create some actual blog posts, rather than just creating futile lists about myself. HURRAY!



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