Mother’s Day brunch!

What a lovely day it’s been so far. 

The family have been round, including Jamie who’s been helping me with everything this morning. Very busy day indeed- made a huge afternoon tea from scratch and it was completely and utterly delicious.

First of all… The sandwiches! I made smoked salmon, avocado and chilli on rye, and mature cheddar with spicy chutney on rye. So yummy.

Then there were the scones…oh the scones… Apple and cinnamon with blackberry compote and clotted cream. Now I don’t mean to be on my high horse here but, OMG. So fluffy and sweet.

Then the mini lemon Bakewell tarts! Alternative take on the classic cherry 🙂

You’d think we would have ran out of room by this point. But oh no. 

Finally, hot cross bun bread and butter pudding. I don’t really have a big love for B&B pudding but this one is an exception. Lots of flavour and more exciting than the traditional. 

So this morning was a success! 🙂 followed by a walk with the dog, and lots more cups of tea and coffee. Lazy telly watching for the rest of the afternoon I think 😉 

Hope you’re all having a lovely Mums day guys!

A xx 


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